VAD offers excellent, functional and elegant furniture. The Vad-family has been active in handcraft and furniture for five generations. Today our objective is to offer furniture with Value Added Design. Out main focus are soft seating groups and health care, with high degree of adaptation.

Since year 2000 VAD has become an established supplier to the Scandinavian furniture market, with special attention on seating groups, health care and ship & offshore segments. VAD provides good furniture solutions, comprehending various seating products with accompanying items. In addition to our standard collection, we also offer customized solutions.

Based on the scenic North-West coast of Norway, we cooperate with several independent designers to offer new, innovative and functional solutions. As active dialogue is important, we encourage you to contact us for questions or comments. Give us a challenge, and we shall provide inspiration!

As a company in the 21st century with modern production, quality and environmental issues are quite important to us. According to our membership in, we continue the work with internal environmental management system, environmental certification and quality testing of our furniture.

Our customers shall be assured a guaranteed and documented quality. Products are tested according to the product quality standard of the furniture industry; strength and durability, stability and safety, quality of materials and surface treatment, as well as fire resistance.

For upholstered furniture, VAD uses environmental friendly cold-cured foam without use of CFC gasses. Mostly we use birch and beech as well as veneer and solid wood that satisfy formaldehyde emissions according to the E-1 standard. Environmental friendly stains are used on wooden surfaces, and it is not deflecting to combustible material. Premises are heated by waste wood from the production.

In general, we will continuously develop our assortment, meeting the specifications from the users – covering functional needs, environmental conditions, safety and quality. Our company shall be associated with innovative and creative solutions. Solutions to be remembered.

Our aim is that our furniture should work optimally for relevant user groups and their living situation. Aesthetics, comfort and security are at the foundation of our designs, with features and functions adapted to the individual areas of use. In addition to meeting the users’ needs, our furniture must also work for visitors and employees. It provides demands on everything from seat height, flexibility, cleaning and maintenance to the environment aspects and reuse.


Quality is the ability to satisfy customer or user requirements and expectations. Our products and services should be of high quality.

Our customers can be assured of a guaranteed and documentable quality. The products are tested according to the furniture industry product quality ( for strength and durability, stability and safety, material quality, surfaces, and resistance to fire.

We will continuously work to develop our collection, which of course must meet requirements of the users – being requirements for functionality, safety and quality. The business shall be characterized by innovative and creative solutions. Solutions that will leave a trace – in a positive sense.



As an industrial company with modern production in the 21st century, VAD is taking environmental issues seriously. It is important for us to contribute to a clean working environment, with minimal emissions from manufacturing that may affect internal and external environment. In line with our membership in, we continue the work for an internal environmental management system, environmental certification (ISO 14001) and quality testing of our furniture.

In upholstered furniture VAD uses environmentally friendly cold cured foam produced without the use of CFC gas. EcoChrome is used in chrome plating of steel parts, which are without CR-6 compounds. We mostly used birch and beech, laminated or solid wood, which meets E-1 formaldehyde splitting. Lacquer used is environmentally friendly and flame retardant on flammable surfaces. Byproduct from the production is used for heating.




VAD works to ensure that the business is permeated by responsible behavior towards employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and authorities. It is clarified i.a. in VAD’s own code of conduct.  VAD supports the ten principles of UN Global Compact, and we expect suppliers and subcontractors to follow internationally recognized principles of anti-corruption, human rights, working environment and environment. Compliance with this supplier code is taken into account both in decisions about who we cooperate with and when evaluating ongoing contractual relationships.

Håkon Vad – CEO

Click this link to view / download our Code of Conduct: VAD CoC